Our experiences advising private property owners have revealed a long list of important issues that are on the minds of private property owners including:

  • Accessing reliable market information to allow them to make decisions about the future of their property.
  • Keeping abreast of the risks and opportunities arising from changes to the town planning controls affecting their property.
  • Managing their hold, develop or sell strategy to suit their personal and family circumstances.
  • Having insufficient development experience to take full advantage of their property.
  • Having insufficient funds to explore development options.
  • Relying on real estate agents for advice and market information that relates to their property.
  • Lack of technical expertise to complete reliable feasibility analysis and deal with technical consultants.
  • Managing tenants.
  • The reliability of income generated by the property.

These are all important issues but the feedback we’ve had from private owners is their biggest concern is their fear of not maximising the amount of money they make from their property under hold, develop or sell strategies, that is, they worry about leaving money on the table.

The good news is a reliable solution to all these issues is readily accessible. A property strategy prepared by an independent expert with experience in the critical commercial aspects of property and development can do so much for a private property owner including dealing with all of these concerns.

When a good advisor aims to create a good strategy for the property owner they will consider all options for action and balance consideration of the owner’s needs against market conditions, relevant development controls and the physical nature of the property to create a financially attractive, low risk property strategy.

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