The three most common reasons that prompt business owners to ask us to create a property strategy for them are:

  1. They want to plan the future of the business.
  2. They recognise that there has or will be growth in their property value.
  3. The property could have potentially lucrative development options.

We are often asked to create strategies to access the development potential of properties that serve an invaluable role as a business’ main trading premises. This always raises the key question; can the business owner access any available property value uplift without negatively impacting on the business?

The correct answer is not always but it is possible often enough to make consideration of the question worthwhile. Our key message to business owners is that there are many different property strategies with different timeframes for action so keep an open mind. In many cases there are reasonable prospects that a strategy that creates additional value for them can be created as well as allowing for the continuing successful operation of the business.

A good property and development strategy will quantify the uplift potential and create the best strategy for the owner that is aligned with the owner’s goals for the business. It will also:

  • Always aim to protect the value and function of the business.
  • Consider everything to make sure the owner has taken full advantage of the property and not left any additional value on the table.
  • Assume the owner is an expert in business management but can benefit from expert property and development advice.
  • Be completely independent and free from conflicts of interest.

There are often lucrative options for business owners to create additional value from their business property. A well prepared property and development strategy will chart a path to capturing the most value for the owner in a way that is fully aligned with the owner’s goals for the business while minimising risk.

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