The importance of using an impartial advisor

Our first engagement with any club is, almost always, to provide advice on how they can best use their property to achieve their financial and organisational goals. This advice considers factors such as the details of your property, the local market and the planning context. Most importantly, this analysis is conducted in the c … Read more "The importance of using an impartial advisor"

Creating Diversified Income Streams for Clubs

Clubs are in the entertainment business, providing members and the local community with accessible dining, sporting and social options. This is a great thing, but it’s also a tough business. KPMG’s 2015 National Clubs Census report highlighted that 50% of clubs are at risk of financial distress, and those clubs with EGM r … Read more "Creating Diversified Income Streams for Clubs"

Best practice in club property development

Why is it that with all of the partnerships between clubs and developers that have occurred in clubland that you don’t hear of developers getting involved in club operations? One sure reason is because developers know they don’t have the experience and it would be a significant risk for them. For the same reason, clubs sh … Read more "Best practice in club property development"

Club land sales – the short term fix that costs clubs millions

In most cases land earmarked for sale by clubs is more valuable for its contribution to the development potential of the main club site than the value received when the land is sold separately. We recently advised a club that had sold land a few years ago to stave off financial pressure. By the time we met the board nearly $2 … Read more "Club land sales – the short term fix that costs clubs millions"

It’s possible! A low risk path to a new club, cash in the bank and diversified revenue

Walking into their brand new club for the first time is a great experience for the club’s members. Doing it knowing there is ample cash in the bank supported by diversified revenue streams is even better. But what strategy could your club adopt to achieve that without taking huge risks? We’ll get to the answer in a moment … Read more "It’s possible! A low risk path to a new club, cash in the bank and diversified revenue"