Have you been approached by developers offering you what sounds like a huge amount of money to develop on your club land?

This creates excitement and usually indicates that your club land has genuine development potential, but you need to know that their offer is aimed at benefiting them, not you.

So how can you use developers to extract the benefit of the club’s development potential for your members? The answer is it’s all about how you control the developer.

Developers need to be managed

Our article Developers seeking to gain control of your land emphasised that developers are on the direct opposite side of the table to club landowners: developers are only in the game for money and every dollar a developer pays you is a dollar less in their pocket.  That doesn’t mean that developers don’t bring any value to the table. Developers have capital, resources and risk tolerance, all of which can be used to benefit your club and members if you know how to manage them.

Augusta Advisors’ skill is to do exactly that: manage developer behaviour throughout the entire development process so that the club receives maximum benefit with minimum risk. We achieve this through competition, negotiation, and carefully managed interaction with the developer. Everything we do puts the club at the heart of the process because it’s your land, your club and your project. The developer is simply there to supply the capital and skills needed to bring your project to life.

Developers love a conflict

The stories of bad experiences with developers are well known but developers can be valuable if properly managed. One way to manage them is to only work with the best developers. Our article Not all developers are created equally demonstrates that our many years of experience arm us to identify and engage with developers that have a track record of quality developments, financial prudence and good behaviour.

However, even the best developers can be a pugilistic bunch that enjoy conflict! No different to club CEOs knowing when a good supplier needs some tough love, at Augusta Advisors we enjoy the battle with developers to get what the club deserves.

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