Typically, our first engagement with a club is to provide advice. This advice considers factors such as the details of your property, the local market and the planning context.

Most importantly, this analysis is conducted in the context of each club’s specific situation, considering both your financial and organisational goals.

There is no one size fits all approach to identifying the best solution for your club. However, there are some are some common and ultimately costly pitfalls we see clubs falling into, such as when they:

  • Try to navigate the process without an external advisor – on numerous occasions we have been appointed to ‘clean up’ the process after a club initially tried to go it alone. Although we ended up in the right place, the process of unwinding and correcting the project can be costly.
  • Select an advisor with a vested interest in a particular outcome – we have seen clubs appoint various parties that have a specific focus or vested interest. We believe truly independent advice is necessary to ensure that you select the strategy for your club which stands up to all levels of scrutiny now and in the future.

When appointing an advisor you should also consider the context they bring. At Augusta Advisors, we see context on three levels.

Firstly, at a sector level. After many years of working with clubs across Sydney, we understand that each club is unique. This allows us to advise on strategies which can be supported by all stakeholders, from the Board through to the membership.

Secondly, at a club level. We get to know your club’s nuances, objectives and styles. ensuring that this is reflected in any property project or new club premises.

Finally, at a project level. We become deeply entrenched in analysing and advising on the details of each project. From big things like managing risk, to the little stuff that makes your new club feel like home.

We strongly believe that this context and knowledge, combined with our firm commitment to independence, allows Augusta Advisors to guide you through the entire process of achieving your goals, whatever they may be.

To learn more about how we can help you get the most out of your club property please contact us on (02) 9966 8898 or email [email protected]