Clubs are looking to diversify their income, which has only been hastened by the impacts of COVID-19. For many clubs, revenue diversification is part of a bigger picture strategy that includes some element of redeveloping their property. This is all well and good for clubs with land already zoned for redevelopment, but the zoning for many clubs either prohibits mixed-use development or makes it unfeasible.

We have worked with many clubs in this situation, and the good news is that there is still a way forward, as outlined below.

If you are advocating for a rezoning of your land, the most important step is to proactively engage with Council. If Council doesn’t know what you want, then change is very unlikely to occur. Engagement can be through submissions to exhibited planning documents or direct contact with Council to discuss your objectives.

Community benefit
Unlike most landowners, clubs have the wellbeing of community at the heart of everything they do. In advocating for a change in zoning to keep the club viable, it is crucial to articulate the unique benefits that the club will continue to provide the community.

Outside the box
Often a creative approach can get things moving, so it is important to explore all avenues. Can you join forces with neighbours? Can your proposal help Council meet its objectives? What land uses would optimise viability and community benefit?

This process will take time. Unfortunately, many clubs think that given the long process that it is not worth the allocation of resources. Yes, it is a marathon not a sprint so resourcing needs to be considered, however only a proactive approach will lead to eventual change. By acting now you can create the platform to deliver long term financial security and a legacy for the club.

Whatever your property objectives and project status, it is always useful to have an independent sounding board, and we would be happy to have a discussion.

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